Darryl Jones

Darryl has spent many years of his life in combat zones, war torn lands, areas of conflict and civil unrest, and understands life's struggles first hand. He strives to inspire others to improve their quality of life through self-empowerment techniques and strongly believes that to every problem there is a "solution." All we have to do is desire to solve the problem, adjust our focus in the proper direction, and move with a definiteness of purpose. His ethos and mantra is “We all can live the life we ought to live and want to live, walk with P.O.W.E.R., and fulfill our destiny”. No one should hold the greatness inside of them hostage. Darryl believes in the children of tomorrow as they are our future. The only way to positively affect change in the future is to effectively engage our children and youth of today. He leads and teaches through the belief that positive change in our children interjects positive change in the tomorrow of the world.

• During time on active duty Darryl was a lead volunteer instructor in the young Marines program,

Washington, DC.

• Junior Pastor at Oasis of Love church, Miami Gardens, FL

• Junior Pastor at New Direction Church, Hapeville, GA

• Minister at Destiny Development Christian Ctr., Decatur, GA

• Minister at Camp Liberty, Baghdad, Iraq

• Pastor at Camp Little Bear, Mazar Ar Sharif, Afghanistan

He is the founder of The P.O.W.E.R. Solution. Darryl founded this organization specifically to provide people LIFE STRATEGIES THAT WORK. It’s his belief that you are in the right place at the right time. Simply put, there is no wrong time to want to better your situation or improve your lifestyle. The time is always NOW...! Whatever your life situation is, Darryl and his team are here to point you in the right direction. Just so you know, he is no stranger to adversity. His own life hasn't been a bed of roses, nor was he born with a silver spoon to a well off family. He grew up very poor. There were times when his family which consisted of five other children, his mother, and stepfather were homeless and without enough food. As a result, he left home early so that his brothers and sisters would have more food to eat and the bills would be lower. He subsequently dropped out of high school and turned to the streets. While he was never a big trouble maker, his life was still going in the wrong direction, though never caught he was going down a downhill spiral. One day he was given a reason to turn his life around and improve his situation. God placed a very special somebody in his life to help me make that decision. That somebody was his first daughter. That would also explain his love of transforming and aligning the youth of today. For some of us something has to prompt us to make a decision to take POWER over our lives and make right and better decisions. Once he made that decision to take POWER, he began finding and developing solutions to the situations he and others faced.

He has learnt that to make a difference you have to make a DECISION.

Darryl helps individual people as well as organizations make various decisions daily. He also coaches people to learn to walk into their purpose, fulfill their destiny, and achieve their goals.

He ultimately helps them all the way... in securing their lives.