Darryl Jones

Who is Darryl Jones?

Darryl Jones is a US Veteran, Inspirational Speaker and Relationship Specialist who appeals to youth, middle aged persons and veterans alike. His approach is fun, upbeat and effective. Darryl Jones has dedicated a huge amount of his time to helping people just like you find their purpose and fulfill their destiny. Darryl spent almost 20 years in service to his country and its people, protecting their freedom and human and civil liberties.


How Darryl Jones can help your organization

Darryl has been helping organizations in many ways to transform staff Mindset to a team oriented mindset,

motivate managers to become leaders and realign company’s values to affect the stakeholders

and ultimately the bottom-line.


Darryl speaks on the following topics:

• Get clear about your company's purpose and create a DYNAMIC and purposeful culture

• Define your company's values to accelerate your employees professional and personal growth

• Develop and sustain high level employee performance and satisfaction

• Create a team that continuously exceeds expectations

• Clarity around what financial areas you should be managing

• Developing yourself and supervisors / managers into strong leaders

• Learning to manage projects, situations and lead people

• Get more done in less time

• Comprehensive STRATEGY and SOLUTIONS that WORK

• Developing strong SELF-relationship

• Developing strong relationships with others

• Love relationships

• Identifying toxic relationships

• Personal Credit Strategies and Solutions